We at Onest Audio are pleased to offer the full line of Credo Loudspeakers. These Swiss marvels represent an impressive blend of sound quality and construction resulting in a terriffic value.
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EV 350 Ref
Bookshelf Speaker

Space should not be a limiting factor when you want to enjoy your music. Compact or bookshelf speakers often represent compromises. Credo created the EV 350 Ref to address these.

Stands optional @ $1695/pr
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EV 900 Ref
Floorstanding Speaker

Sustainability, uncompromising sound quality and longevity play a role as well as our principle: "Less can be more“.
No model represents this philosophy better than the EV 900 Ref.

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EV 1202 Ref
Floorstanding Speaker

Compared to the smaller EV 900 Ref, the EV 1202 is designed for larger listening rooms with even less distortion yet still with punchy and controlled bass.
Sound pressure level is not a problem for the EV 1202.

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Cinema LTM

Cinema LTM is a passive filtered 3-way floor-standing speaker, with line-array technology. Each speaker comes with 32 ring radiator tweeters. A textile membrane with a diameter of 22 mm was installed in a special, extremely compact housing with neodymium drive. Handcrafted by a small team in Switzerland.


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