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My adventure with audio started when I was a toddler in the 1960s. My father brought home a portable turntable from work, and I was off and running. I mostly had 45s and, of course, most were rock-n-roll - you know - Beatles, Stones, The Who. I loved the whole experience, picking out records, reading the art work on the covers, sitting and listening for hours, sometimes to the same song over and over!

I heard my first good system consisting of separates in 1974. It was a Marantz amp and preamp, JBL bookshelves, and a Garrard turntable. I was hooked!

I spied and wanted a Pioneer SX-1010 at the local music shop. My grandfather made a deal with me on my sixteenth birthday. If I could come up with some of the money, he would give me $500 toward the price. My grandfather gave me the $500 I needed. I bought it – I still have it – and it still sounds great.

There’s a fascination with audio that transcends the music, a process that gets you to the final experience. You know, the careful selection and setup of a high-end audio system... and the ultimate satisfaction of hearing music at its highest fidelity!

At Onest Audio, we will help you purchase the components that will result in the best system possible. The first time, eliminating the guess work. To give you everything you need to hear music like you have never heard it before and to begin your journey into the finest audio experience.

More than anything else, music takes us through our lives. A song can summon the past or a moment in time. It can mold our emotions now and how we remember that song for the rest of our lives. That song, that sound should always be heard at its best.

Let me help you build your story. We will assemble and set-up a system together. Building such a system is more than just the components, it’s the whole experience -- the listening room, the placement and balancing all the components necessary to make this an optimal experience to enjoy as it is, or build on in the future.

Let’s build a relationship based on a foundation of music. Let’s get started!

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