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Onest Audio

1) We at Onest Audio feel that the DAC is an ever important part of your music system. This has compelled us to assemble several world class DACs into the same system so that you can experience the differences. Want to compare your current DAC with our entourage of premium DACs? We encourage this.

2) Have to travel to visit us? We would happily pick you up at PVD (Providence), provide meals and encourage you to take advantage of our on-site accomodations. When you hear something you can't live without, we will even reimburse your airfare (conditions apply - call for details).

3) Bring any part of your current system to compare against a prospective new component.

4) Now that you have compared and seen your upgrade path, and you don't want to get involved selling your old equipment on your own, know that Onest Audio is famous for welcoming trade ins at reasonable prices.

5) Onest Audio's committed staff can survey your home and/or listening room to evaluate and offer suggestions for component upgrades, new speakers or even room treatments to get the most out of what you already have.

6) Still a little nervous about committing? Onest Audio has a 15 day in home trial on most of our offerrings. If you need to back out, just return it in the same condition and pay the return shipping (if applicable).

Onest Audio In trying to be more suited to customer needs, Onest Audio has designed a plan and built a facility unrivaled for demonstration of high end audio. Today most customers are left with a reviewers words, or some other venue rather than listening in their own facility, to place their faith in purchases that sometimes can be well over $100,000.00. We want to offer you a place and an audio set up that mimics your own listening venue whether it is an old bedroom, a multi-use den, a large family / bonus room over the garage, a room in the basement or a dedicated spare no expense all out assault on the SOTA room. We want to offer you a facility that duplicates almost any venue you may have. We will reference your space as closely as possible and then demo every improvement we offer … including just the room!
After reading reviews or being seduced on audio forums or wherever else causes a consumer to be captivated by the possibility of the “ultimate audio fulfillment“, they realize there is no place to audition equipment so consumers buy blindly, or more appropriately deafly, and then more often that not they are dissatisfied with a depreciated purchase to sell online … or worse, stuck listening to and reminded every time of the ill purchase!
We want to offer customers the ultimate opportunity to hear their future investment in an environment that mimics their own. We will set up a room of similiar definition … size and area then use associated equipment of similiar function to their own or we will take shipment of certain pieces owned by them and set them up to be auditioned with whatever a customer has made an appointment to hear.
At Onest Audio, we want you to leave here with an experience that you can take home with as little left to the imagination as possible. We will offer (by appointment) one or two day venues of setting up and demoing as many combinations and comparisons as you can imagine. We will pick you up at the airport, provide lodging and hospitality, a suitable private accommodation including a small area to conduct your own private business needs, accommodate your audio needs and return you to the airport upon your reservation. If you elect to purchase a suitable system from us we will even pick up the tab on your travel.
We want your time with us to be more than memorable. We want it to be unforgettable. We endevour to create an atmosphere you can’t help but to recommend to others . We want to build relationships founded on audio and continued on trust! Why not give us an opportunity for you to hear your audio decisions before you bring them home!
Hope to see you soon !


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